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DISCHARGE-Live at the Farm in S.F. Sept 7th 1986(getting heckeled))

This tape being uncovered I owe to my friend Kevin 'O who I gave the only copy to well over twenty years ago.  He was nice enough to save it, and recently sent it back to me.  My guess is that if I would have kept it, it would be lost in a sea of tapes, or given away to someone else.  I wish I still had the Possessed, and A.A. sets from the gig on tape... they are lost in a sea of tapes for sure. 
The tape is from 1986 at the Farm in SF.  It was the last show Discharge played after touring the U.S.A. on a their sell out LP.   I had no idea that they had put out a bad record, and were touring on it, so me hearing them sounding like this was a complete shock.  I was ready to hear the classic Discharge... I can be heard talking to another dude standing next to me about how they sound worse then Ratt, and wondering if anyone from the Orig lineup is even in the band.  They really were horrible, and within the first song you can hear the crowd chanting fuck you.  Within 10 mins in they give up playing, and for the next 30 mins, random dudes come out on stage to yell at the crowd, and tell them the cops are coming, and that we are closed minded assholes.  Andy Anderson(Attitude Adjustment), and Scotty Verbal Abuse are some of the randoms talking the crowd down.  Seriously a great memory.  The entire farm chanting DRI, DRI, DRI, DRI...In hopes that DRI who had opened would come back out and play.  Turns out that when Discharge came back out to give it another go, DRI walked up with a trash can full of garbage and threw it at the band.  Members of the band were actually crying because of the reaction.  Years later My friend Jim MacNaughton told me he saw them at La'Mar or something in NY, and the same thing happened.  That would have been at the beginning of the tour.  Hard to believe they toured like this. The recording was done on a little walkmen type tape player, but sounds awesome.  There are only a few songs played, most the time of this tape is the great banter by roadies, and SF scene dudes.  Pretty sure nothing else in the world exists like this. Enjoy the download


  1. 1st day of the tour was at the Rock Hotel at the Ritz in NY- YOT, COC, DRI and Discharge! Such a good show up to DC...People bought full buds from the bar just to wing at them! - Jimmy Mac.

  2. I think i was here for this show with Jim. Can't say i remember much about Discharge. Then again i usually can't remember much about most of those times.
    Danny C.

  3. I spoke to Kurt from DRI about this last wednesday and he claims that while rubbish was thrown at Discharge it was nothing to do with DRI?

  4. I was there, and in mind I def remember it being members of dri. My friend Jim Mac who is the first person to comment on this told me years ago that DRI did the same thing at the NYC show. maybe he can chime in to clear it up. it was a long time ago.

    1. @Danny C: this was the one and only time you claimed to love YOT, even wrote it on your cut off jean vest next to Motorhead!

      @x4298x: I remember seeing the gitter player from DRI (Spike?) & dudes from the Bad Brains throwing trash off the balcony of the Ritz onto the stage for Discharge, egging on the crowd with the DRI chant. I think one of the Bad Brains dudes somehow also dumped water onto the stage via that garbage can. - Jimmy Mac

    2. Spike D.R.I. did not throw shit. D.R.I. did not throw the garbage can at the farm show. You are mistaken.
      D.R.I. loved Discharged for better or for worse. D.R.I. experienced similiar reaction by the punks to their crossover album and would not wish that on anyone.

  5. Hmmm I tried twice but I only get 8 minutes of this. Any idea what's wrong?

  6. this is classic

    thanx for sharing this piece of history

  7. I was at the Farm show - I new they put out that terrible "metal" LP but didn't think they would perform like that. I tell this story often - never knew there was a recording of it!

  8. Any chance of postin the Dayglo Abortions show I see on the cover?

  9. Hi Gloom666,

    I read some post ago you said something about Tu-Do hospital from Germany, so I would like to know if you have/can post their PATIENTS OF... LP, because I m very curious on listening to this band.


  10. there's a video from that tour, shot at Winnipeg.
    saw it a very long time ago but from what i remember the band plays a few songs to a crowd who wants to heard Discharge (and the crap they play...). after that few song, carl quit the stage and the rest of the band plays some old songs.
    hope fully it's on youtube:

  11. September 1st, Swedish metalcore band ”Imminence” releases their debut video of the track “The Devourer”.

    Check out this teaser!

  12. VOMITOPUNKROCK seal records, with the idea of ​​taking on vinyl, 12 ", these little recordings of the 80s, and what better to start with the k7 of" the struggle continues ".
    This k7 originally drawn by NDF in 1985, after a concert put on by NDF, which acted: Anti / Dogmatikss, Autodefense and L'odi social. NDF was made ​​by Joni Destroy fanzine, which recently brought the book "pagui pujol" tremendous book showing the Barcelona punk 80s.
    Joni to actively collaborated in this project, passing the MASTER of the recording of the concert and we were passing the fanzine that came with the K7, which we added to the LP and a brief explanation of the project as it was in 1985.

  13. Thanks for the share! Gotta love this band!!!
    You should post your downloads on my punk forum if you have time!

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  15. I messaged Spike from DRI about this incident and he said....."No truth to this, at least on my part. Discharge was always a favorite band of mine. I have too much respect for them to throw garbage or anything at all at them. DRI went, and was going through the same thing because of our crossover album. Some of our hardcore punk fans did not approve. I felt bad for discharge, and understood what they were going through..."

  16. Same thing happened at Fenders in Long Beach the night I recall,Dr Know played with them and they were going metal also,but not cockrock like Discharge..and wisely played most of their classics.

  17. Great blog. I owe you.

  18. Awesome bit of punk trivia, cheers!

  19. Hi, all, I'm a journalist (and old punk/metal guy) who's writing about Discharge and this tour for a new magazine called the Appendix. (They specialize in little-known histories.) If anybody who saw them play on this tour would like to tell me about what they remember, I'd love to hear it. My contact info is chris [at] ca-smith [dot] net.

    Chris Smith
    Twitter: @chrisasmith

  20. Lurch wrote:
    "Any chance of postin' The Dayglo Abortions
    show I see on the cover?"

    Hi, I'm thinkin' the same thing that Lurch is:

    "Can ya please post The Dayglo Abortions "LIVE"
    show that we see teasing us in the photo of yer friends homemade cassette cover? Thanks!

    From, Conan "Co" G. Vancouver B.C. Canada

  21. DEF BLAST FROM THE PAST..right here, i almost forgot this show even went down. from my recollection, NO dri had nothing to do with the trash can part BUT people were chucking full budweisers at them and i think dri was one of them.. Man Discharge sucked badly and dissapointed the hell out of all of us..and they were so bad that even glam rock fans would say.."this shit sucks"..Discharges singer at that show was acting like a total flaming homo..(No offense meant) & after seeing DRI/Possessed, AA and others and having sweat dripping off the roof onto everyone allready had people on edge & then they come out dressed like quiet riot, & acting super gay and playing lame Homo core..even in a city of course tolerant of stuff like this DID NOT MATTER. I mean form a side-project offshoot band if you want to play lame shit like Discharge was offering and save your bands good name. Fun show tho regardless.

  22. wew.. i even don't know about this information :o

  23. while aboslutely aweful, this is one of the greatest finds on internet blogs. I got here through the story on Discharge's metal adventure on The Appendix, great read as well.

    BTW I must say I always avoided Grave new world like the plague, so I can't say Cal's voice caused quite a few laughs when hearing his glamrock songs....

  24. A little addendum to the whole thing, thanks to Dinsmore from Bl'ast.

  25. Hey dude, along with everyone else I really appreciate the post. Unlike everyone else though, I've really been getting into Grave New World recently and can't thank you enough for capturing the non-album track Taste the Burning on this gig recording! Big cheers.

  26. Bond QuartermasterJanuary 22, 2014 at 6:40 PM

    I'm another one who was at this show. Of all the things to document from that time and place! But then again, this is really cool to hear.

    I had never listened to Discharge, so I wasn't terribly upset by the music. And now, it sounds OK to me, although the vocals seem like the band was making a performance art joke.

    IIRC, the trash can was a 50 gallon or so one that was at the foot of the speaker stack at the left side of the stage. The audience pulled it up and tossed it towards the bassist. It was plastic so it didn't crush him or anything, it just sort of bounced off his legs and rolled around. But that was the last straw for the guy and he walked off. Since it came from the crowd, I highly doubt DRI had anything to do with that. Maybe they helped clean it up from the stage wings.

    The SFPD did indeed show up in force, even coming in the building to help clear people out. As I left, I passed "the loudest paddy wagon I had ever heard," as I told friends afterwards. There was a woman inside who was absolutely shrieking and bashing into the walls. I think the thing might have been actually rocking on its springs.

    I was in Davis back then, and used to go down to SF for shows and weekends. I was at the upcoming Adolescents/Verbal Abuse show on 9.27.86 that gets plugged on this tape. I also saw Bad Brains, the Circle Jerks, Social D (with DRI), Doggy Style, Aggression, Rhythm Pigs, and 7 Seconds at the Farm around that time. I don't remember the exact show bills though. Once, I showed up a week early for a hardcore show, and found myself in some sort of mod psychedelic gig, with a row of scooters out front and the Catheads and others on stage (maybe Camper Van Beethoven, now that I think of it). I still have a t-shirt from the Farm someplace.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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