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Monday, October 5, 2015

GAUZE - 限界は何処だ CD (1991)

The mighty Gauze… I'm posting this because I'd recently heard a rumor that these gods finally broke up.  They've been a band since 1981.  When I was on tour in Japan back in 2002 I met the drummer and the guitarist.  To watch the Japanese kids interact with members of this band was really oddly enjoyable.  The amount of respect that these guys get from their local fan base is insane.  Watching a teen boy bow repeatedly to the drummer will forever be etched in my mind.  This CD has two tracks
 on it. The first track is the entire album, and the second track is a live gig in Scotland from 1989.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Fourteen Or Fight Side:
1.Revenge of the latchkey kids
2.Agressive collector
3.combo amp a go go
4.godless America
The Repos Side: control last time
7.fugitive family 2
8.haha hardcore
9.alright!?! decline
11.hollow trees

I put this one out many years ago on my label.  Pretty sure it was both bands first vinyl appearance.  I remember hearing the Repos demo in my bedroom in Albany NY… I was floored.  Totally reminded me of Septic Death meets Infest in some really warped way. So When I talked to Aaron from the Repos and he told me they were supposed to do a split with Fourteen Or Fight and it couldn't happen for whatever reason I jumped at the chance to help them out by releasing it.  Fourteen Or Fight was my old room mate Jon Arends hc band after Charles Bronson.  The band also featured Frank on vox who years earlier fronted the legendary MK Ultra.  The copy I have up on here is the limited to 30 copies or something… how can you go wrong with an 11 song 7".  Enjoy and Share

Monday, September 21, 2015

KURO-15 Song Fanclub CD

I hung out with some Japanese hc friends this weekend, and that got me thinking about this band. For those who don't know...Kuro are one of the more legendary Japanese punk bands from the early wave of 80's punk/hardcore.  Members were rumored to be low level muscle for the Japanese mob (yakuza), so it even made the band more interesting and dangerous to lots of us listeners.  Vocalist Morikawa and guitarist Hide are supposedly dead according to other members of the band, so thankfully there will never be a crappy reunion.
 I was first introduced to the band in 1989 by my friend Louis who was at the forefront of international tape trading (mainly Japanese and Scandinavian bands). In those days I can count on one hand Americans that I knew that were into that stuff.   I must admit that when I first heard the Kuro and Gism I thought it was awful.  It wasn't until many rides to the Anthrax club with Louis in his red pick up truck that I finally got it.  Those long rides and endless rumored stories about the bands finally broke me down and I finally got it.  Even back in 1989 people were paying ridiculous prices for these collectable records.  Obviously a lot has changed.  Now Japanese hardcore isn't as obscure as it once was, its actually become super popular and sorta trendy worldwide.  This is a boot that compiles the bands hard to decipher discography.  Enjoy the Tunes, download and share with the world.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


I remember being so stoked to have Ken from Sound Pollution records touch base with us (Monster X) in the early 90's to see if we could put a song on a compilation he was helping MCR records Japan put out.  We immediately had our friend Jason Martin record us on his four track.  Later when the comp came out I became fascinated with the band Quadiliacha from Atlanta.  I wrote them a letter telling them i loved their track on the comp.  We became immediate friends… they toured non stop, and spent much time with me and my friends in Albany NY.  The comp featured Japanese and American bands coming together.  Great stuff by the likes of Insane Youth, Disclose, Balzac, Spazz, CFDL, Masskontrol, and many others.  21 killer songs by 17 1990's hardcore bands…Enjoy!

1.INSANE YOUTH-the world has reached its worst
3.OTTAWA-a million reasons
5.ANTI AUTHORIZE-its time for change
6.FINAL WARNING-death sentence
9.SUPPRESSION-machines of war
10.DISCLOSE-burned alive
11.MANKIND-strategic deterence
12.BALZAC-day the earth caught fire
13.SPAZZ-DJ tinkle fingers
15.MONSTER X-battle fatigue
16.CFDL-let you know
17.CFDL-tofu song
18.QUADILIACHA-think about it
19.MASSKONTROLL-winds of genocide
20.VIOLENT PAIN-feel for a new age

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Friday, September 11, 2015

NEON BITCHES Unreleased final recordings

1.Human animal
2.Give us more
3.Righteous snakes
4.Nuclear dawn
5.The plague
6.The succubus
7.Possessive obsession

These dudes broke up this year (2007-2015) and had a final seven songs that they recorded before calling it a day.  After communicating with members I've decided to share the unreleased tracks with the world.  These guys were a wicked great Rhode Island hardcore thrash band featuring hero and my long time friend Brian from Dropdead on drums.  The other members were from Straight To Hell and Vincebus Eruptum. The band played mainly on the East Coast in NYC, Philly, MA. and of course Rhode Island.  Enjoy the tunes and feel free to share them on other blogs or with friends worldwide.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

V/A TOGETHER 7" Compilation (1987)

1.Warzone- as one
2.Gorilla Bisquits- better than you
3.Bold- talk is cheap
4.Youth Of Today- together
5.Sick Of It All- my life
6.Side By Side- violence to fade
7.Super Touch- searching for the light

This ep compilation came out while I was living on the West Coast in the Bay Area.  I had been seeing Youth Of Today since 1985, but when I saw both YOT and Bold at the Covered Wagon Saloon in SF,  it got me to start tinkering with the idea of straight edge.  I was also planning a move back East to Albany NY so this crappy compilation helped to inspire me and excite me for that move.  My friend Kurt and I would sit around listening to this comp in his bed room, and wishing we could go straight edge.  It was crazy what kind of an influence these bands/scene had on so many of us during the 80's. relistening to this record made me realize that I was wrong in remembering that the Side By Side 7" is my fav rev release…to tough to call… Sick Of It All, Judge, Warzone, Side By Side… I can't pick one.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

G-ANX- Flashbacks

G-anx were a hardcore punk band from Sweden who existed from 1984-1992.  I absolutely loved these guys… even more so then the more legendary Swedish hc acts of the 80's.  Crusty hc that could go from generic punk, to aggressive hc, to weird metallic ballads.  Their stuff just always hit home with me.   This features the bands discography… a bunch of 7"s, and a split with Filthy Christians.  When the band broke up, members formed Counterblast who were doing a more Neurosis style thing.  One of my old bands was supposed to do a split 7" with them, but the label dude turned into a total flake and just suddenly dropped out.  We were bummed.  Lots of songs on this discography.    My favorites are the ones that start off as metal type ballads…"the beast within", toilets", "clouds of cancer" and "life".   My favorite song by them ever is "In Harmony".  It sends shivers down my spine and makes me so happy when I hear it.

Sample: In Harmony

Thursday, August 13, 2015

HAXAN- demo 12" (2004)

I played drums on this 12", and my best buddy Mark McCoy played guitars, bass, and did the vox.  We had written the songs, and then practiced them for a few weeks in our basement at Warren Street in Albany NY.  Mark had been living with me there for a few years, and we'd been listening to a lot of Beherit at the time.  We then piled my drums, my guitar and amp in my car and drove out to Western Mass to record with the brilliant Will Dandy at Dead Air studios.  I loved the way the stuff turned out and really wish we'd recorded more songs.  The songs we then put together as a demo to send out to prospective labels.  We didn't really get much response from labels besides NWN who had to much going on at the time.  I had been in touch with Beth at United Record Pressing and she mentioned a special DJ pressing they were doing…120 12"s with blank sleeves for a really great price.  I did the Bomb Builder 12" this way, and Mark released the Haxan on Youth Attack this way.  120 records, hand numbered with home made art work by Mark.  Pretty fucking DIY!  More fond memories of a time i'll always remember with a smile on my face.  Enjoy these tunes…


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SIDE BY SIDE- You're Only Young Once…7" (1988)

1.backfire life to live a lie
4.look back're only young once..
7.side by side

This and the Warzone 7" are by far my favorite rev releases.  I unfortunately never got to see these guys live, but saw most all the other early rev bands due to them always making Albany NY an important place to play.  That had much to do with Dave Stein, and Steve Reddy living in the area, putting on shows and being down with that NYC HC scene.  Admittedly this scene drove me crazy as it was happening.  It seemed totally inclusionary, and like a high school popularity contest.  If you weren't edge you and your bands were treated differently by this crowd.  At any rate this ep is sick.  It sounds totally raw and pissed… but the songs are all totally catchy.

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Monday, August 3, 2015


2.melting hopeful
4.poison the supply
HALFMAN control
8.childs play
10. worship the porcelain god
11.bonkee 3
13.mindless icon
14.part two
15.snort teeeth
18.bugs will run the world
19.gospel scholars
20.take a walk
21.frustrated existence
22.flies on shit
24.system upheaval

This compilation LP came out in 1996 on Reservoir Records.  Andrew Orlando was the brain child behind this 90's Extreme East Coast Compilation.  Pretty sure it started off as a 7", then a 10", and finally a LP.  I was lucky enough to play in two bands that were on the record.  One of the bands(DOF) was supposed to do a LP on Andrews label, but things just didn't work out.  The best tracks on this record are from the obscure Richmond Virginia band Eucharist.  I mean come on man… a comp with Suppression, Monster X, Judas Iscariot, Halfman, Dropdead, Disassociate, Devoid Of Faith, Coercion, Brutal Truth, Black Army Jacket and Assfactor 4?  With most bands doing at least two songs… Pretty cool.  Includes a 16 page booklet/lyric sheet.
In my opinion 90's hardcore was mainly a mess with moshoholic and screamo/emo bands cluttering up the hc scene.  It was everywhere.  The bands who were playing fast harsh sounding stuff literally had people just standing there looking at us like we were freaks.  It was in many instances kinda awkward.
Anyway, enjoy the 24 tracks of raw 90's hc.  The song titles and bands are all labeled and tagged in Download.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

NO THANKS-1982 Demo

Blistering fast NYC political hardcore/punk that is fronted by a female in 1982!!! Almost unheard of back then. This will forever be a classic. I still sorta wish I'd been involved in releasing this as an ep... its so far ahead of its time, and lyrically still is relevant today.
I was contacted by vocalist Donna Damage years back, and she was currently living in Berkley California, and planning a reunion tour with remaining members of No Thanks. Seth(the drummer) died of cancer a bit over a year ago.  A year after communicating with her Donna and I had a falling out over the art that she wanted to use for the release.  I wanted the release to look older, she was using photo shop, and different logos, etc.   I've pictured one of the versions below.
No Thanks released a 7" ep that has been forever out of print, and valuable amongst record collectors world wide. After the bands demise Donna fronted a metal band called Navigator (No Thanks guitarist played as well). In a time when NYC punk/hardcore was macho & didn't have much going on politically, these guys did something completey different.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

AClD-Black Car cassette(1984) car
2.drop dead
3.the day you die

During the early days of heavy metal it was pretty unheard of(or at least uncommon) for women to be involved in playing in bands.  Sadly it was a sausage party for sure.  In recent years having a female vocalist has sorta become a novelty.  At any rate Acid and Bitch were some of the first heavy bands I can recall hearing that had a female vocalists.  The band was from Belgium and crucial in my upbringing in metal.  It was due to bands like this that helped open my mind to other bands with female vocalists. Sadly I was a closed minded metalhead in the early 80's.
 I recall seeing and hearing a local band from Albany NY called Blacksmith at of all places Chucky Cheese's.  Blacksmith at the time had a girl singing for them.  I ended up striking up a conversation with the singer who's name was Heidi Black.  She was the one who clued me into Acid as it was a influence on her vocally.  I immediately went to Record Town in the Latham circle Mall and picked up the tape.  Thanks Heidi.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

B.S. Canadian Nightmare 4/6/1974

My friend Kevin 'O gave me a cassette copy of this decades ago.  He was always seeking out, and trading obscure live sets from bands he loved.   I have a few great Sabb ones that he gave me over the years.  In this Particular recording the bass is a lot lower volume wise then it should be.  It would be an outstanding recording if the bass was loud as a bomb blast, but it isn't.  Lots of cool guitar solos through out the gig, and some hilarious in between song banter by the Oz man make this essential for the true fan.  Eleven tunes recorded in Toronto… Enjoy

Friday, May 1, 2015

BY THE THROAT s/t 7" and live tracks(1999)

1. bought and sold
2. push comes to shove
3. fight back
4. clone
5. agenda
6. meant to last
7. come to accept
8. lowest form of life
Comp song and Unreleased tune:
9. conditioned
10. break the mold
11. short live set, first show at Siena College

This was a short lived Albany NY band that I played guitar in after the break up of Devoid Of Faith and Monster X. The band featured John of MX on vox, Mark Telfian on Bass and Paul Henry on drums( both mark and Paul went on to play in Limp Wrist together).  The band only played a few shows, but I love the songs.  I've added our first show in this file along with the 7", a compilation song, and an unreleased track.  We broke up due to in fighting between John and Mark.  Totally stupid...  All four of us put this ep out together on our four different labels.   I love the songs, lyrics and production on this.   Always found it easy to write with both Mark and with Paul.   Enjoy.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

BRUTAL OBSCENITY-its because of the birds and the flowers... LP (1989)

1. death is a damn good solution
2. its because of the birds and the flowers
3. straight & stoned
4. emotion suicide
5. Mom or Dad?
6. its cruel
7. 1,2,3…..
8. useless immortality
9. god is just a ferry tail
10. defensor minor
11. no more feelings left
12. hangover D.D.D.
13. the overtaking

I got this recently from one of my long time Blog Followers Julian(JBM).  Dude came through for me in a big way on a stack of crucial metal records from my want list on the blog.  Much thanks JBM!   What is shocking is that I had never heard this record until a few days ago.  I recall seeing it at Worlds Records in Albany NY for years and years.  I could just never bring myself to buy it due to the silly artwork.  The band was from the Netherlands and put out a bunch of demo tapes and two full lengths.  I'm digging the crossover brand of metal hardcore.  For fans of 80's thrash metal.  Enjoy

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Friday, April 24, 2015


1. I win you lose
2. showdown
3. tension
4. tie me up
5. street smart
6. clever song
7. lost article
8. stand
9. same coal
10. promising
11. high time
12. you're to old
13. decade
14. anticipation

Since these guys are coming back over here this year for 4 shows I decided to post this LP.  I put out the U.S. version of this many years ago after befriending these guys, and touring with them 5 times.  The original line up that played on this LP is by far the best in my opinion and were completely unstoppable 15 years ago.  The drummer was a human thashometer…
My friend Mark become pen pals with Kenji(the singer) and decided to bring TF over to the West coast for their first shows in America.  Myself and the other members of the Oath flew out to San Diego where Mark was living to support TF on the 8 show tour.  Mark set up all the dates, and the entire thing was a huge learning experience for us all.  Mark and I drove to SD airport to pick these guys up on the date that Kenji had told Mark he'd arrive(a day before the tour).  We got to the airport, and the band wasn't on the flight.  We waited and waited for hours, went to other gates etc.  This was pre cell phones, so we had zero contact with these guys.  We ended up going back to Marks and really started to worry about things.  We had no idea what to do besides write Kenji an email.  The next morning(day of the first show)Max Ward called Mark and told him that Kenji called him and that they had showed up a day earlier then he told us he was showing up.  They had been staying in some sort of youth hostile.  We drove over there immediately to pick them up, and some how I got the money they'd paid the hostel back for them.  Kenji was so happy he was kissing and hugging us.  There was a huge language barrier as Kenji was the only member who spoke any english at all(and his wasn't so good).  At any rate the tour was amazing.  We all lost money, but learned a lot and had a ball.
Check these guys out when they come to the states in Sept of 2015.  The are playing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, then hopefully in Boston and Philly.  This LP is total D.C. Minor Threat worship.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PERESTROIKA-Kumisinfonia 7" (1989)

1. Reissumies
2. Normaali Perhe
3. Kumisinfonia
4. Lähempänä Loppua

My buddy Louis Jacobs turned me onto this after he ended up with a big stack of the ep from some trade with a dude overseas.  I recall him being pretty bummed because nobody besides myself would buy one from him.  I was impressed when Luke told me only 300 of the ep were pressed.  Its not blistering fast hc, but it packs a punch and has some really catchy riffs.  The band was Finnish and this obscure gem came out in 1989 on Boring Records(also out of Finland).  The label was run by a notorious record collector named Ari Heino.  He'd catalog the records he put out in some sort of homage to old punk classics.  This for instance is Legless Bull 2.  I don't think this band put anything else out besides a comp track or two.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

MTxYB Split demos(1980-1981)

What can be said about either of these bands? Both bands started in 1980(I didn't even know what punk was at this point in my life, I was just discovering AC/DC).  MT invented a movement /genre, and It blows my mind how much they got done in three years. YB existed for less then a year and influenced the D.C. scene with their wicked brand of punk hardcore.  I was so happy to see this come out on vinyl some years ago after hearing so many 5th generation tapes from traders through out many decades. Def recall hearing the YB demos for the first time at inner ear when I took my friends Glee Club down there to record a 7" in 1989. Essential bands…essential demos. If you don't like either of these bands you suck at listening to music.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

DISRUPT- smash divisions 7" (1991)

1. Smash divisions
2. Refuse planet
3. Eat shit
4.No values
5. G.A.M.E.
6. Rid the cancer
7. Inebriated
8. God Fearing Citizen
9. Cold war
10. Squandered

I first heard these guys in 1991 at a Fest they played at a Unitarian church in Albany NY where they played with Dropdead, Taste Of Fear and a shit ton of other bands.  They blew me away with their raunchy brand of crust metal hardcore.  The songs were wicked fast and obviously influenced by the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, etc.  I saw these guys a lot in the 90's, and because of their influence on old band Devoid Of Faith actually recorded our first 12" at the same studio that Disrupt had recorded at(Lanes).
The band was from Boston, all of them were long hairs and they had two vocalists doing the chicken and the bear type vox.  Members later went on to form the doomy band Grief.
Can't go wrong with a 7" that has 10 songs on it.

Disrupt at Bogies in Albany 1992

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

ÜÄÏŸ BÅAÎOØHØIØ -War Madness 7" (Uauiy Baaioohoio)

1. War Madness
2.  Kill Control
3. System Violent
4. Why is?
5. No Bones

Mysterious HC punk from Uzbekistan?  Insane punishing noise that was quite sought after for some years.  Think Confuse meets Gloom.  Almost impossible to find.  Tracks 3 and 4 are combined into one track on this MP3.  Enjoy the noise.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HAIL MARY-All Aboard The Sinking Ship LP(1999)

1. Grist for the mill
2. Man Overboard
3. Slipped Away
4. Beating a dead horse
5. Maimed
6. Crashing Down
7. In Motion
8. Diversion
9. Starboard bow
10. Flounder
11. Excommunicate

I love this LP, and not just because I helped mix and write lyrics to it... It is just a straight up great HC record that totally reminds me of the band Bl'ast.  Hail Mary were from Albany NY and were the brainchild of Mark Telfian.  This might be the bands longest lasting, and final line up.  They'd gone through at least 4 guitarists, 7 bass players, and 8 drummers.  The only constant member was the vocalist Mark. This line up featured Matto on guitar, Bill on bass and Jake on drums.

I recall that Mark took the band to NJ to record this LP for Vermiform and he had problems with the engineer and the rough mix.  He hated everything about the recording and couldn't get along with the dude recording it.   He convinced my buddy Devon(Dropdead, Monster X) and myself to drive with him to Tenafly NJ to Knee Deep studios to help him lay down the vocals and help with production(and help deal with the engineer).  On the drive there he told us that he only had full lyrics to four songs.  On the two hour drive there all three of us wrote the lyrics to seven tunes, then Devon did some miracle editing while we were getting ready in the studio. After laying down the vox Neil Burke showed up to help us with the mix, and from there we came up with this thick assed sounding HC classic.  This brings back fond memories of hanging around some really good friends and having an awesome time.  I miss those days.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

VerbalAssault-Trial LP (1987)

V.A. have a deep Albany NY connection, as they played to us like what seemed like monthly back in the day.  The back cover photo of this album is taken at an old Albany club called 288 Lark Street.  The band started off as a pretty basic sounding straight edge band, but then by this release completely reinvented its sound doing a 180.  When this came out, I'd never heard anything that sounded so produced and well played technical hardcore.  Listening to this makes me wish I still had my Verbal Assault long sleeve.

The last time I saw these guys was in Albany with No Outlet, Go, SFA, and Born Against.  The band showed up a day early and my friend Damon Douglas let them stay at his parents house in the suburbs in upstate NY.  The band decided they wanted to practice because they had written new material to record for an upcoming 12" called "On".  They ended up setting up their gear and playing to about five of us in Damon's basement while his parents patiently did what ever it is parents did back then.  This is a really fond memory.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Want List

Some records I still need.  Will trade or pay money.

Identity Crysis-tied to the tracks 7"
Phantom Lord- evil never sleeps Lp
Phantom Lord-s/t Lp
Scared Straight- you drink, you drive, you die Lp
Subculture- I heard a scream Lp
Exorcist-nightmare theatre Lp
Dream Death-Journey into mystery Lp
Stone Henge-cats eyez 7"

Griffin- flight of the griffin Lp
Griffin- protectors of the lair
Schizo- thrash the unreasonable tape
Slam- ingens Slav Lp
M 16- locked and loaded Lp
Yòuth Youth Youth - repackaged Lp
Iron Rainbow- metal man 7"
Witch Cross 7"
Satanic Rites Live to ride 7"

Friday, February 20, 2015

JBA-Who fucked up the culture? LP

1.playing with fire
2.fitting the mood
3.clever like shit
4.scene through
5.fading like a bad tan
6.thought whats that?
7.convenience is the conclusion
8.another fucking love song
9.closed in
10.beyond a measure
11.kill a commie(Gang Green)

 JBA stood for John Brown's Army. I played guitar and sang in this band after Devoid Of Faith broke up. I really wanted to do something similar to DOF, but with an even more Japanese meets Sweden meets 80's NYHC influence to it.
I miss those days of having a scheduled band practice every week.  Simple times back then.  It really was a great time that in some weird way really was relaxing...or at least an escape from the other crap that was happening in life.  No matter what was happening... I knew I'd be jamming a certain night.
We started off as a three piece with Matto playing bass.  Recorded a couple 7"s with that line up, then we later switched him to second guitar, and added my roommate Eric to bass.
 I did most the writing, Matto did most the solos and Robb Cole killed it on drums.  We played lots of shows on the East coast, and then did a small West coast tour adding my old band mate Jim Macnaughton on bass.  Unfortunately he never recorded with us, and shortly after that tour we broke up(although I really can't recall why we disbanded).   I'm very proud of this recording.  The songs are good, and the recording is stellar in my opinion.  Will Killingsworth of Dead Air studios was the man responsible.  Best engineer I've ever worked with.

Download LP way below
for a sample:

Matto & Jim in San Jose CA. Photo by the great Murray Bowles

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